Memoirs of My Life and Writings

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For me, books were a doorway into other worlds, places that took me far away from my real life. Reading was a lifeline. The narrators in each of these coming-of age-memoirs share their experience of hardship but also of triumph as they ultimately overcome the challenges in their lives. Navigating the threshold between childhood and adulthood is a dangerous endeavor, even in the best of times. I find such comfort in reading books like these, they remind me that I am not alone. My hope is that Crave gives my readers this same experience of shared challenge, a reminder of our own resiliency, and hope.

Though her circumstances are very specific—Cancer and disfigurement—they also feel utterly relatable as we follow her journey after she is diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer at age nine, has a third of her jaw removed, and begins a painful circuitous trek towards healing and self-acceptance. Along the way she falls in love with words, a love she uses to craft her fascinating, compelling, tragic, and ultimately transcendent, story.

The civil war that has been raging on the outskirts of his awareness suddenly becomes real. Kevin Sessums grows up gay in the South in s, in a conservative family and an equally conservative town. When his friend, mentor, and roommate Frank Hains is murdered, it is Sessums, still only a teenager, who finds the bludgeoned body. He leaves for New York city to begin his own career as an editor, journalist and author.

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Mary Karr grows up with a psychotic mother and an irresponsible, though charismatic, father. This is a story of two sisters forced to contend with parents who are not only more childlike than parental, they are also dangerously negligent. This quintessential difficult childhood memoir, told without a hint of whining, astounded me when I first read it.

Walls and her siblings eventually make their break, one by one, to New York City, where Walls must ultimately figure out what exactly home means to her. They are your bloodline.

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If you honor them they will keep you alive. If you dishonor them you will be forsaken. Let's say your three-sentence exercise was L oving mom who worked all the time, no dad. Never really got over lonely childhood. Maybe you could try, "I was just a kid but Did it happen when you were a child—or later?

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Did it involve parents? You don't have to know the answers to these questions. Let the pre-written prompts guide you.

Memoirs of My Life and Writings, by Edward Gibbon

What to write: Take a minute to think about the previous two exercises. I'd like to really understand everything that led me to marry Blake. He was so wrong for me and I don't want to make another mistake.

I'd like to really understand everything that led me to choose architecture as my life's work. Did it have to do with the way we lived when I was growing up? I'd like to really understand everything that led me to become such a good mom, considering I had no role model. I'd like to really understand everything that led me to never get along with my step-mother.

Now that she's gone I realize what a good person she was and how she tried to have a relationship with me. Why it helps: There's no need to do the actual examination and investigation now. Instead, just focus on identifying what it is you might delve into someday—in a memoir or in the pages of a journal or just in your mind.

What truth is important for you to get at? You have a structure your three sentences , you have a crucial event that may have caused or contributed to that life story and now you have a purpose—a reason for writing that will let you learn, enjoy and even be surprised by the story you've been waiting to tell yourself and—maybe, just maybe, the world, as well.

"Me - Stories of My Life" by Katharine Hepburn

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Memoirs of My Life

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How to Write a Memoir: Breathe Life into Your Story in 8 Steps

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Your 3-Sentence Life Story. Consider these examples before putting pen to paper:. Loving mom who worked all the time, no dad. Love my life, love my dog, love my kids. No room for a guy. Finally sober.