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I come home with less and in return I have less clutter and appreciate each item I buy so much more! Regular shopping trips are key, especially when you are shopping for something in particular. I spent several months searching for this simple side table and this industrial cart. For whatever reason it's difficult to find that one thing you are really shopping for.

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Quick weekly visits to your favorite spots will increase your chances of finding that perfect something. I also stay organized by keeping a wishlist in my planner and keeping phone photos of my unfinished rooms that still need major pieces or wall decor. I am a huge list maker. I mentioned above that I keep a wishlist in my planner. This is for items that I may have waited a long time to find.

I have lots of items that I would love to find but don't actually need on this list. Long term "dream finds" are fun to search for. It's also important to keep an open mind. Sometimes when I am shopping for a certain piece of furniture for my home, I find something completely different I love even more. Remember to keep your eyes open for possibilities.

6 Flea Market Tips For Getting The Best Vintage Finds, From A Seasoned Pro | HuffPost Life

There is usually more than one way to accomplish the look and feel you want to create in a space. I will be the first to admit the "fixer upper" items tempt me. I see a broken shelf or a chair with ripped upholstery and my first thought is ReStyle! While this is attitude great, there have been too many times when I brought a less-than-perfect item home only to let it collect dust in my basement for the next year or two.

A solution that works for me is to only buy imperfect pieces that I plan to ReStyle immediately. If I can't wait to get started then I buy it. If I know I won't get to it for a while, then I don't. A big question when it comes to flea market shopping is, "When should I splurge?

How do you know the difference? For me, it's items I know I will keep forever.

6 Flea Market Tips For Getting The Best Vintage Finds, From A Seasoned Pro

Incredible vintage, personality pieces and one-of-a-kind finds. When I see something that I know I'll keep forever, I buy it. This is a rare thing, maybe once a year does it even happen. I definitely think that forever items are worth a splurge! There is a big difference between collecting things and hoarding them. I used to kinda hoard things under the banner of "collecting". Recently, I downsized my collection two ways. I thinned our my collections.

If I had 40 vintage scarves I would keep my favorite 10 and donate the rest. I started thinking of collecting from a quality perspective instead of quantity. I evaluated all of my collections. I realized that there were a few things that I didn't really need anymore. There were also a few collections that I called complete, so I won't be adding to them anymore unless I find something insane.

That's just a little about how I collect without overdoing it! I honestly feel I am enjoying the things in my home SO much more since starting these new habits. Thanks so much for reading! I also shared some thrift tips a while back. If you have any questions about flea market shopping, or tips of your own, leave me a comment!

It can be so tempting to break these simple rules- but they are very reasonable guidelines for the most exciting kind of shopping! Great tips! I agree with splurging on very special items and to not be a hoarder…. Love your blog…you girls are very inspirational. Thanks for this! What are some of your favorite Springfield area stores? Love this! Definitely agree on the restyle point. I truly wish we had flea markets like this in the UK. We have little charity shops but nothing as good as these or thrift stores.

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Ohhh, I love the black and white photos. I used to be on the hoarding side as well, haha. This post made me want to de-clutter my bedroom, and perhaps pick up some new, unique finds? You girls are always inspiring me.

15 Shopping Tips at Flea Markets & Swap Meets – What to Do & What to Avoid

That pics are really so nice and I always like to find something great for inspiration. Have a great day. Its my favorite part of visiting my in-laws in Springfield! As in, I could be on Hoarders soon. BUT, this is life changing. Thanks for sharing! Really helpful post! Great list! One way ticket to becoming a hoarder! Have a great weekend. I definitely suffer from the fixer-upper mindset. To help, I usually wait to buy it for 10 minutes to give myself time to think if I will actually DIY it or not.

Usually its a not! Here in Southern California with a high of 74 it almost feels like spring. And you have perfect timing. Love this!! Thanks for the great tips! Have a great weekend! I love thrifting and flea market so much and these are great things to keep in mind! Everytime i go to the antique mall I come out with way more than I planned!!! These tips definitely help :]. I do pretty much all the things on this list except that I should probably splurge more on certain things. Thanks for the tips! My sister and I just went thrifting together this week, and it was so much fun. Plus, she offered a crucial second opinion on some of my riskier purchases.

I think shopping with someone whose opinion you trust is always a good idea. I need to start being more picky and not bringing home things that need to much work. I became inspired by your blog and for the first time, went thrift shopping over winter break! It was amazing!

Thanks for the tips:. Make it be summer.

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Good tips, especially for a newbie shopper like me. Ug number 6 has to be the hardest! Thanks for narrowing them down into a manageable list! These are such good tips. These are good tips. I usually pick up all of the things I find interesting and before I check out, I narrow it down to just the best few things to try to minimize buyers remorse.

It was my mother's dream, but unfortunately, it was all made of flimsy particleboard with glued-on decorations. If you want the genuine article, really examine the piece. I always look at the back of a wood piece -- if it's stapled-on, it's usually too shoddy of a reproduction to deal with. OK, so I'm not really comfortable with haggling. I've seen too many failed attempts, especially as flea markets become pop-up shops for dealers. But, you can still get a good deal. Just buy a few items from the seller. They'll usually take a few bucks off the final total.

If you love vintage clothes, keep in touch with a dealer who happens to carry the old Lilly Pulitzer dresses you covet, for example. You might get access to the best stuff, or they'll put aside items for you. Also, you'll have made a new friend. That's nice. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. All rights reserved. Suggest a correction.

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