Road Tales: Rocky Rhodes

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Both Armageddon and Deep Impact warned a flying comet would spell our demise… we just never thought it would be this teeny.

Rhodes (Rodos) Gallery

Double, double, toil and… um, line? RDR2 gets its wicca on when you travel to an off-putting site to the north of Grizzlies East. Step inside, and Morgan will find a steaming cauldron, which is presumably full of eye of newt and other disgusting goodies. To actually solve the puzzle, you might want to use our Red Dead Redemption 2 Strange Statues guide, as the actual statues are in a secret and well hidden cave near the road under the I of Ambarino check the map above , because it really is brilliantly cryptic - and lucrative.

Someone at Rockstar is clearly a fan of the works of J. Tolkien, because two of the entries in this list involve a subtle ode to The Hobbit.

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The first can be found near Donner Falls, to the north of Bacchus Station. Take the precarious cliff path down to the shores of the river, and you soon come across a sad, unfortunate sight: a poor woman who has seemingly toppled over the edge of the nearby falls… in a barrel no less. In a nod to the poor woman you could inadvertently ride in the last game, this Easter egg involves a female skeleton saddled with a great, unbearable weight; her death clearly coming from this untenable strain.

While we wait for them to be cloned from elephant DNA, this is as close as any of us will come to seeing this hairy Ice Age leviathan. Are we the only ones who are now desperate for Rockstar to do a prehistoric GTA? Then travel just east of lake Owanjila, which can be found a little west of Strawberry.

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In these hills, Morgan will find a gruesome offering to the Old Gods; something the hillbillies of the late 19th century seemingly had no problem committing themselves to. Anyone else feeling the need for a ridiculously prolonged journey up Mount Doom? Perhaps we should have a few Hobbit-sized ales in the Shire first.

Travel northeast of Bacchus Station and Arthur will find this adorable, Tolkien-inspired abode. Reach this destination, which lies a little north of Tumblewood, to discover a soon-to-be-destroyed hut. Take your horse northwest of Emerald Ranch until you reach Guthrie Farm. The last game featured a beardy guy who was more than a little in love with a horse, so we suppose this man-on-mutton romance was to be expected. Want more guidance on all the cool quests you can find in Red Dead Redemption 2? Why not gather yourself 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 rock carvings and solve the mystery of Francis Sinclair?

Or discover why there are 20 Red Dead Redemption 2 dreamcatchers hidden around the world? Red Dead Redemption 2 tips - essential tips to improve your game How to make money fast in Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 guide - complete set of guides to win the West Red Dead Online guide - everything you need to know to get started. See comments. Topics feature games. Red Dead Redemption 2. Enter search term Search. How will I know that my car has been towed and not stolen?

Standard Environmental Reference (SER)

Frequently asked questions What is a Prescribed Tow-away area? Some examples include clearways, special events clearways, freeways, T-Way lanes, transit lanes and bus lanes. A clearway is defined as a length of the road to which the clearway sign applies. Individual parking spots become illegal when a clearway starts operating.

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A clearway is defined as a length of the road to which the clearway sign applies and may apply to individual parking spots at certain times of day. A clearway is a section of road where stopping or parking is prohibited. A clearway is used to improve traffic flow and safety during peak periods. You must not stop your vehicle at the kerb in a clearway during the times shown unless there is a medical emergency.

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  • The only vehicles excluded from these restrictions are public buses and taxis which are permitted to stop when dropping off or collecting passengers. Clearways can be 24 hour, peak times only, at weekdays, weekends or may apply at other times.

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    A broken yellow line is also used to indicate a clearway. Special Event Clearways can operate any day of the week and carry exactly the same parking fine and towing fee as if you were parked in a standard clearway. Signs in the area show the clearway times and remind you that if you illegally park your car in these zones, it will be towed away.

    A towing invoice is not a fine but an invoice for the prescribed tow-away charge.

    The Case of Summerfield, by William Henry Rhodes

    If a motor vehicle or trailer is removed or is attached to a tow truck for the purpose of being removed under Section of the Roads Transport Act , Roads and Maritime Services may require the responsible person for the vehicle or the person who left it unattended to pay to RMS the prescribed tow-away charge within a time specified by RMS. The invoice explains the payment details. Vehicles can be towed if they are unattended or unlawfully standing on a road or part of a road prescribed by the statutory rules, or a class of road or part of a road prescribed by the statutory rules, or any road that is within a special tow-away area.

    A towing invoice is issued for the prescribed tow-away charge. This is a separate fee required in addition to any fine issued by the police.

    Please address correspondence to: Email: TSS. You may lodge a claim by email to Public. Liability transport. The towing invoice is separate from the claim that you may lodge and should be paid within the prescribed time. The tow truck driver aims to find an lawful place to leave your car as quickly as possible and to notify the TMC of its new position.