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A guide on how to grade and estimate your vinyl records...

The Vinyl District. Record Stores on the go Vinyl records brought us together, but the critical conversations made our friendship meaningful. He was a good friend, and this is an excellent way to remember him. For example, any endorsements I take in are geared towards anything related to music or records. I love my job because I get to talk to interesting people about what I love.

Vinyl guide for beginners: Getting into turntables and records

ET: When you interview your guests, particularly musicians, do you come up with questions on the spot or have them already prepared? NG: Depends. On a side note, I named my son after him. Truly, it depends on the guest and where the conversation goes. NG: Episode with Henry Rollins. We quickly hit it off and revealed a lot of necessary information concerning vinyl records.

A Guide to Collecting Classical Music on Vinyl

Just sit in a dark room, play the record, close your eyes, and listen. NG: Any album that you love track for track. After you buy a couple of records, then record store workers and friends will go out of their way to make recommendations. NG: Vinyl records give people personal and physical attachment. Vinyl records are so delicate that you must care for them to preserve the sound quality.

From interviewing Mr. Goyer, I learned a lot about record collecting, about interviewing techniques, and about the importance of vinyl.