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Tracie liked it! Tracie liked it. Tracie recommends it!

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Coupon Codes for 2KLC listeners! I also, currently have a SALE!! Episode Prizes Prizes Prizes! Winners will be announced at the end of the podcast. The 2 Knit Lit Chicks Hoodie giveaway is over also - the winner will be announced at the end of the podcast. Episode Goin' Loony. Winners will be announced on Episode Win a 2 Knit Lit Chicks hooded sweatshirt, size L unisex size, but it is a slim fit.

This giveaway will close on January 31st also, and the winner will be announced on Episode Episode Tracie's Cold Black Heart. Win a 2 Knit Lit Chicks hooded sweatshirt, size L. Stay tuned at our Ravelry group for more details. Listen until the end of the podcast to find out who won the gorgeous skein of Duren Dyeworks Barbie Time! Get yours now! We have 2 Knit Lit Chicks merchandise! Banner - meh! Episode There Are Decorative Pillows. Giveaway Time! The thread will close December This contest will close November Episode There's Dung Everywhere.

Episode Stay Safe Out There. Thank you so much. Be sure and leave some free time on Saturday afternoon to come to our meet-up in the Hyatt bar. Sacramento Knitting Guild February 1, We are so close to members - please come join our Ravelry group! We will be attending on Saturday, October 7th. We will give the winners another week to hear their names and contact us before we PM them.

She is determined to have this finished by the time Episode is recorded! Thumbs up from both of them! Episode I Have Stoken. Recorded on September 2, Listen to the end to hear the list of winners! Stitches West registration opened July 20 - rooms at the Hyatt and Hilton are long gone, but you can still register for classes! Episode Everybody Wants Affordable Hair. Her most recent design is the Wayfarer cardigan. If you have a prize or prizes to donate, please contact either Tracie or Barb. Episode Can That be True? Be sure and leave some free time on Saturday afternoon to come to our meet-up in the Hyatt bar..

Tracie apologizes for all the ambient noise in this episode. She shouldn't have been fiddling with stuff so much during recording! Things to know: 1. The KAL will run from now - August 31, 2. Any bears knit or crocheted in are eligible for entry into the Mother Bear FO thread. After July 1, post a separate picture of each bear in a separate post in the FO thread. Be sure to note in your FO post if this is your first Mother Bear.

Episode The Chocolate is All Gone. Check it out! The winner will be announced at the end of this podcast. This contest ended on June 15, Please check in frequently! It is so important Celia has kindly donated 3 copies of this shawl to give away to lucky listeners. Please go to the contest thread in our Ravelry Group to enter to win. This contest will end on June 15, Tracie and Barb will both be at Spinning at the Winery on June 3!

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The event will run from 10am to 4pm at Retzlaff Vineyards in Livermore, California. This is the 20th annual event put on by the Treadles to Threads Spinning Guild. There are now 10 locations in the Sacramento Area and the East Bay. Episode It Has a Little Nub. Be sure and listen until the end to hear the winners. We have a new giveaway!

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Episode She May be a Bubble off Plumb Challenge yourself! You still have time! If you are participating, be sure and check the Swap thread a couple of times a week to keep up. The FOs thread is open. Episode Poncho Pikachu. Knit anything with colorwork - that means intarsia, stranded colorwork, stripes, brioch, double knitting, or slipped stitches. We encourage you to challenge yourself. Pick a project larger than a mug cozy and you're good to go! Yes, we are doing it again. Do you want to join us? We have a lot of fun over there!! She just wasn't feeling it.

The Winners are announced at the end of the podcast. Get ready for our next Knit-along! We will be having our regular meet-up in the Hyatt bar on Saturday afternoon - come see us! The first one the larger one above is the Harlow Bag, donated by Barb. They are both gently used Namaste is no longer in business, so if you always wanted a Namaste bag, now is your chance.

You must be a member of the group to win. Contest ends on March 15th. Episode We were Blocking the Egress. Each entry must be an adult-size sweater with sleeves short is okay! We will draw for the winners of our prize packages at the end of our next episdoe. Also, check out the booths and consider knitting or crocheting projects for two of our favorite knitting charities: the Mother Bear Project will be at booth , and Knitted Knockers will be at in Booth All entries to our FOs thread will need to be an adult-size sweater with sleeves short is okay!

They both highly recommend this book! Episode So That's Not a Recommendation. This giveaway will last until December 15th. They are in urgent need of as many Knitted Knockers as possible.

2 Knit Lit Chicks

This contest will close on January 15th. Breo and William J. Episode Ear Worm Courtesy of Mom. Challenge yourself - be sure to check out the Bundles of pattern suggestions! Enter to win a copy of the ebook Grown by Kate Oakley here. This thread will close December 1. Helen has kindly given us 5 copies to gift to the lucky recipients! Current Giveaways: 1. The kit has never been opened. Win a copy of the Amplitude pattern by Greg Cohoon — will end on Halloween.

Episode Sometimes People Do. The FO thread is up now, so be sure to post a picture of your sweater when you get it done. This KAL will end on January 31, Episode Extra Chicken Burrito. Episode firstworldproblems. Book Talk begins at Thank you all for making this journey a fun one. Be sure and listen to the podcast to find out what you won. You have between October 1st and January 31st to complete an adult-sized sweater.

While you may not want to make the sweater picutred here! WIPs count too! And as with all of our KALs, you may double-dip into other contests with the same project. Halcyon37 donated a Ravelry pattern of the winner's choice -TiaandCat Episode What About Barb? You have until August 31st to post a picture of any bear you have knit or crocheted in in our FO thread. Lots of prizes, but your best reward is knowing you have given a child comfort. Knit Companion for Android is at last a thing! Soon we will start a chatter thread, and create a Ravelry Bundle of patters. Knit Companion for Android is coming soon!

Anyone can play - both IOS and Android users. Tracie will be attending. Both Barb and Tracie will be attending. Please post a separate picture for each bear. Let's see if we can beat last year's total of bears! We can always use more prizes! If you have anything you want to donate, please contact us at 2knitlitchicks gmail. Book Talk Starts at The Annetarsia Knits book giveaway is done. Tracie had a great time in New York City!

She also spent time with her nieces pictured at left. Tracie and Barb reviewed the Fix-A-Stitch. They have 2 packs to give away. Thumbs Up for a book that exposes this subject. She didn't love it as much as others have. A very good suspense book. We hope you will join us! This contest will close on June 31st. Join the group and have some fun with those mini skeins!

She heartily recommends both the pattern and the yarn! They both loved this book! Good book. Episode Mrs. This is a fun, relaxed fiber event with a vendor fair, raffle, wine and a great potluck lunch. What a difference! It was pretty good! She enthusiastically recommends it. She did not finish this book. She recommends it! It was sort of a slog, especially at the beginning, but she ended up liking it. Episode Thumbs Up for Harriet Tubman! If you posted an FO in the FOs thread, please listen to the end of the podcast to find out if you won a prize!

The contest will close May Barb may be there too! Come and join us! She obviously needs to cast on more! Many apologies for the loud page-turning noise during our review segment!

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Give it a listen! The body of the sock is being knit in mini-skeins traded for at the NoCKRs retreat. Barb recommends it, and the entire "Poor Relations" series. It was Episode Between Pretty and Really Good. Ryan is wearing them! Loving this knit! She got bored and did not care what happened. If you are participating in 2 Knit Lit Chicks Swap, the day to mail your package is coming up on April 10! Many thanks to Sandramaz for organizing this fun swap.

The thread will close April Jackson Cruel Death by M. If you are participating, please come over to the Chatter Thread to make sure you are up to date! The winner of Spilly Jane Knits Mittens is announced at the end of this podcast. After some "sweater surgery" was performed, she loves it! Deep stash for this yarn Studio Worsted. She has enough yarn leftover to make another one! They both recommend this book! If you like the true crime genre, they heartily recommend this book also.

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She recommends this book. Barb strongly recommends this trilogy for ages 8 - adult Tracie recommends this book - interesting! A graphic novel - very interesting so far. Episode Stitches West , With Knockers! Well, hurry up and gather your materials, because we start on February 15th! Any adult-sized vest or short-sleeve sweater, open-front or pullover, may be entered for the KAL. We already have a very active Chatter Thread and a rapidly growing Bundle of vest patterns to start the planning!

The KAL will end on May Our first 2 Knit Lit Chicks Swap is on! Come join us in the bar on Saturday afternoon for our meet-up with the Yarniacs and lots of other fun people! Also - Knit some Knockers and turn them in at the Knitted Knockers booth! They have a goal to collect 1, Knockers at Stitches this year!

No idea why this was a UFO for 3 years! Budley Falls From Grace by M. Listen to the end of this podcast to find out who the 4 winners are Announcing our next Knit Along! Here are the particulars: 1. The Vest KAL includes short-sleeve sweaters. Any adult-sized vest or short-sleeve sweater may be entered for the KAL 4. Barb will start a Chatter Thread and put up a Bundle of vest patterns to start the planning. You can see the difference between the sweater as it is in the pattern and what Tracie's looks like now!

Tracie and Barb had a short discussion regarding "Sweater Surgery". Tracie has started a thread on the Ravelry Group for all of us to talk about this topic and encourage each other to take steps to make our sweaters more wearable! An enthusiastic "Thumbs Up! Want to win an ebook copy for yourself?

This giveaway will end on February 15th. Beaton writing as Marian Chesney. Tracie recommends this book. She recommends it, with reservations. Tracie felt it was way too long and wasn't her favorite of the Louise Penney books she has read. She heartily reommends this book. She loved this book. Episode The Voice of a Cartoon Taxi. And more!

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Both Tracie and Barb will be participating - this will be fun! We will announce the winners on the next podcast. Barb has no FOs. How weird is that? Fingers part was very fiddly but fun! Second try! Episode What's New, Knit Companion? She just couldn't do it. Carrie's dog now has his own Instagram account! He's garyfisher - the Chicks are following him now - you should too! Barb has been busy! Episode Nothing's Wrong with an Eggplant. Barb highly recommends this free pattern if you have someone with a really large head to knit for. Tracie has finished a lot of hats!

She has cast on: Leap! Episode You Are Not the Dude. This contest will end on November 15, New giveaway! View our entire Old Gringo Collection. We regret that this item is no longer available. Modal sundance. The item you selected has already been subscribed to notify to this email.

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