How to Win your Injury Case

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the country has an average of 6 million car accidents a year, which does not include , collisions involving other vehicles, 5, deaths from road accidents, and 1. How do you get a better than fair chance of winning your personal injury case? Here are 15 strategies to consider:. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case can be razor-thin.

Our veteran trial lawyers know the ins and outs of the Colorado legal system and will do everything in their power to make sure you get the justice you are entitled to.

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  • Tips for Getting the Best Personal Injury Settlement!

If you or a loved one needs personal injury representation in Colorado, contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation at Posted in: Personal Injury. Our team is here to help. Call us or submit our contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation. Todd is very thorough, diligent and knowledgable in his litigation skills and also exhibits professional decorum with clients and defense counsel. Peer Reviewed on Lawyers. The sooner we can evaluate your case and visit the scene, hire the experts and perform our research, the better our chances of getting you the maximum compensation.

Contact us now. Here are 15 strategies to consider: Be Transparent with Your Attorney. Present all the facts to your lawyer. Do not hide anything, even the details that you think are unimportant or make you look bad. It is the job of your attorney to decide what is and what is not important for your case, including preexisting medical conditions. Your legal team can only do an effective job with all the relevant information. Keep Case Details to Yourself.

Do not talk about the incident until you have hired a lawyer who can guide you appropriately. Something you say off the cuff may be put on record and used against you by the other party, causing you to lose money. The last thing you want is to torpedo your case because of a stray comment.

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Do Not Talk to Insurance Providers. Do not make any commitments to insurance companies. Many insurance companies manipulate people, and try to back them into a corner or get them to say something harmful to their case on the record. Play coy and wait for your lawyer to give you proper legal advice. Can you afford to sue? Do you have the time to do this? Believe it or not, many people do not ask themselves these questions before pursuing legal action. If you think it will be too much for you to handle, then it is okay to walk away. Steer Clear of Pie-in-the-Sky Attorneys.

Avoid lawyers who promise you thousands of dollars in compensation right away — without hearing your case completely. Flashy and loud attorneys can be impressive with their words, but this does not automatically translate to skill in the negotiating table or courtroom.

Taking cases they don’t have the financial resources to handle

Do Your Homework. Study cases like the one you plan to file and look at how they were won or lost. This will give you a better idea of what to expect, and help you understand if you have a quality claim or not. MASS can be contacted at:. Tel: Email: enquiries mass. If you have sustained an injury as a result of a traffic accident and you are a member of a motoring organisation, for example, the AA or RAC, you may be able to get specialist legal advice through that organisation. If your injury resulted from an accident, unsafe working practices or discrimination at work, contact your trade union if you are a member.

The union may instruct solicitors to take legal action on your behalf and you will not have to pay for this. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer.

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

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The Burden of Proof for Injury Cases

Time limits There are different time limits within which you must begin legal action in a personal injury claim. Paying for legal action Legal action for compensation for a personal injury can be expensive. Conditional fee agreement A conditional fee agreement means that your solicitor will receive no fees if you lose your case. Trade union members If your injury resulted from an accident, unsafe working practices or discrimination at work, contact your trade union if you are a member.

Here's A quick Way To Win Your Injury Case!

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