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About - We are in the last days. Living well in such a time depends upon believing that Christ has conquered sin and death and is ruling today, alive at God's right hand. These essays on the end time will help Christians live like people who really have eternal life already--the life of the Spirit of Christ who lives and moves in both Christ and Christians. Whether your question is about heaven, the soul, hell, the new earth, about how believers in the Old Testament thought of these things, or about what redemptive progress God brought by the resurrection of Christ, you will find answers here.

Readers will also be warmly encouraged by the practical and realistic chapters about the Christian's calling in social and political matters and about the ways that the church's worship is a participation in heavenly realities. Central to everything about the end time is the fact that by dying and rising, Jesus Christ brought the whole world forward into the last days and has in principle brought Christians into a fullness that Moses and even Adam did not yet know.

Read, and be encouraged! Introduction, by Dr. Is Hell Obsolete? Arjan de Visser. Contributors - Theodore G. Bio s - Theodore G. He is the coauthor with Jason Zuidema of Early French Reform and the author of various essays and articles. Our Imprints Explore our different imprints.

The Promise of His Coming

Combine this fact with other things that are said to only be a characteristics of the last generation Anyways i was just wanting to know if you have looked into that chapter of jerimiah. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that not only are we in the last generation but at the tail end of it! I expect the rapture to happen at anytime and it is a very strange and exciting feeling a d to be honest kinda scary but in a good way, if that makes sense lol.

Peace and God bless! Thank you, Jim. Graciously worded. Oh, and last time I checked our flight status No fool here. I'm all ready to go!

Exactly the way I feel. In fact I woke up a few days ago and felt the Lord say, "Make sure you have sent your luggage on ahead". Sure, you can't take your material possessions with you, but you can store up your treasure in heaven, you can go out to the highways and byways to compel people to find a seat at the Father's great banquet table. But it sure feels unusual doesn't it? And just as surely as Jesus came the first time, he is coming the second time. And of all the times in history this seems most likely. So buckle up, seats and trays in the upright position. Hi Gary reading several of your posts on here I can see that you are called to this.

Having recently been in a situation of varying opinions myself with a fellow believer I too would like to offer an extra leaf of encouragement. Beyond denominational differences that you write about comes the issue of maturity. Sad as it may be, some Christians have not allowed themselves to grow to a point where they can come into the understanding of all truth as the Spirit leads.

We do have lazy Christians out there! Therefore, what some Christians are quick to discern and understand some others are not able to. Draw near Him and He will draw near you. James Ignorance I dare not say that I know how this comes about. What other signs could be for only believers? Purpose Each one of us has a unique calling and purpose in the body of Christ. This is a sad state. Are you a friend of God? Causing many good people to stumble.

I heard in my Spirit yesterday that many things we do not understand are going to happen, but the Lord will watch over us. Like taking off against very powerful and resistant winds. For the unbeliever and naysayer out there I leave you with Hebrews Do not join the long ancient line of many many Jannes and Jambres 2 Timothy Rend your heart!

I dreamt yesterday I was talking to a friend and a voice told me to read Revelation 12 and Revelation 19 and find similarities. The similarities I saw in both chapters was ultimate happiness 1st being raptured and 2nd being at the marriage supper. Any ideas from fellow readers? I like the encouraging comments here brothers and sisters. Prepare yours hearts to meet the Lord and enjoy Him forever! Prepare the Bride to meet her Groom.

I am running with my Marantha girl to kiss the face of Jesus on September , Blessings - Rogersings thesign. This sign I saw in the sky may have been the invitation sent ahead of the event. I don't usually go into my whole experience of what Abba Father is doing with me, but I'm just letting it flow now. I don't dream much, and cant remember any of them I ever had, but this one is still like it happen last night. Of course I had been praying for two years for one so as to be a better witness on the wall.

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This came on me when my wife had gone to spend the night out of town with our son. I was driving my truck at night in a rural area at night, I know because there were just a few lights from houses in the distance, and my own vehicle lights. When I came up to what I believe to be a four way stop, because a car stopped on the street at my left at the very same time.

As I was waiting to see who might go first, all of the sudden everything went black, no lights at all. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, even the cars wouldn't run or there lights, I could feel the evil in the darkness Then a light like a full moon came up in my upper left windshield. The only thing wrong, was there wasn't any moon with it just the light way out in the atmosphere. When all of the sudden this light started moving slowly down toward earth.

This light stopped at about what I think would be cloud height being it so dark it was hard to tell.

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  • A Bucket of Ashes (Nell Sweeney Mystery Series Book 6);
  • Verses 23 and 24.

As I was staring into the light, I could see an object through it way back where the light had started from. Then the object started moving slowly down until it got into the middle of the light. Then I could tell what it was, a huge florescent Cross, and that's where the dream ended. As soon as I awoke I took it to prayer, what was the message here? The Holy Spirit stopped me as soon as I started, and just said, you already know what this dream means. It told me that the evil darkness I felt was the beast rising, and that was why He had me studying prophecy when the Holy Spirit had me start with Revelation when I first read the bible, then sent me to the book of Daniel before I started Genesis, but as long as I believe in what the cross represents I will be OK Then the Ruach said the Cross represents only one thing I didn't really understand the end-times, but I was pretty sure Pre-Trib didn't fit what I saw.

One of the very very first things he showed me during that time was as I was reading through Revelation, I started noticing how many times it says things like, "this takes wisdom", or "let the one with wisdom calculate the number of the beast", or "those with ears to hear". I remember very clearly thinking, "Whoah. I'm supposed to understand this book. I grew more and more convinced as I searched that we were living in the final days, and the Tribulation grew nearer and nearer. But I still didn't believe the idea of Pre-Trib rapture, mostly because I never saw arguments presented, and the people I ran into who believed in it were rather obnoxious about it.

Then I came across this site a few weeks ago.

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The first thing that struck me, and I shared this with my wife, was that Gary, Jeff and team are so humble. I told her, "It's really cool - he shares what he believes, but then he says, 'Hey! I could be wrong! It's the humility here that first got my attention - the humility and the love for God and his people. After seeing that, I began reading the well-crafted reasons why they believe in the Pre-Trib rapture, and I began to be swayed. It wasn't thrown in my face like I've seen others do "How could someone be so stupid to miss this?!?

It was reasoned out, with lots of Scriptural support, and communicated with love.

As You See the Day Approaching

Now, after just a week or two of clicking through and reading article after article, I've become much more confident in the idea of a Pre-Trib rapture, and I'm eagerly anticipating Jesus' return rather than fearing a tribulation of seven years. I was able to share this idea with my little sister who told me last year that she doesn't want it to be the end times because she's scared of the tribulation, and I'm hoping it helped bring her some peace too. Thanks for all you guys do!

I'm looking forward to hanging out with all of you very soon when we get home! Thank you so much for sharing this, Josh. It confirms to me something that I have shared with Gary, Greg, and others not too long ago. I realized how volatile the online community can be when it comes to eschatology end-times , and I knew that Gary and Greg had laid a solid foundation with this site.