Anointed Preaching

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I am awaiting the day when we can have both Time to get your own anointing folks and stop looking to "prostitute" it from others Sorry to use that phrase, but in Pentecostal circles, we seem to breed the most weirdest type of Christians. Aug 23, 7. Yes, the anointing is difficult to describe whether an anointed singer, musician, minister, etc.

But when you hear it, you realize it. Of course, as already pointed out, the anointing only comes from the heavenly Father. Aug 23, Aug 23, 8. Aug 23, 9. Aug 24, Aug 26, I "sort of" agree, David. Maybe I should have elaborated further.

OYC 2012 | Making it Count: Anointed Preaching with Creativity and Passion

It is scriptural that not only the pastor, but the believers receive the Holy Ghost according to the scriptures prayer, laying on of hands, annointing with oil, etc.. Luke , Acts 2, Acts 8, Acts I hope this helps clarify. So yes, I agree with this kind of annointing--receiving the Holy Ghost.

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Words which convict the heart like what happened in acts are vital. However, I don't believe outward manifestations alone style, behavior, vigor, etc are in themselves uncontested signs of an annointed minister. I think Jesus made this clear enough when on the day of judgement he says many will be turned away despite doing mighty works. The Apostles warned of the same--ministers being appealing, working signs and wonders, etc. I know I made a very general statement in my first response.

Anointed Preaching

I believe a pastor or congregation which speaks according to God's word and is of the same mind as the Apostles will teach on the gift of the Holy Ghost as a gift to believers who ask--for strength in their faith. I hope this clarifies. Aug 27, And that is the purpose of our being here in Messiah on earth, and why we were told to WAIT to go witness until we have the Holy Spirit come on us and receive power for witnessing and ministry.

Nothing else except amen to that. Oscarr, that's got some truth to it. Christ means "annointed" and that's what he did--healed, preached deliverance, set people free of bondage, drove out demons, etc He also says "As the Father sent me, so I send you He didn't alter the plan or agenda of those He sent out.

In addition, we know, according to Christ's promise, the Holy Spirit is given to those who ask Luke , and those with the Holy Spirit have power and authority over that which is contrary to God's will. Christ also promises the gates of hell will not prevail against his church. Show Ignored Content.

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Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? While this will vary from one church tradition to another, there is a myth that flows from a theological error in thinking about anointed preaching in the church. The error is that God is a distant source of power for the disciplined spiritual elite who do the work necessary to get close to Him.

Spirit-Anointed Preaching - Part 1

It is a modified form of Dionysian Mysticism, although this post is not going to get into what that is. The myth that sometimes grows up from that errant thinking about God is that the anointed preacher is in some way unapproachable, disconnected and elite. Preparatory prayer is about humble dependence on God, loving stewardship of the privilege of ministry and care for the flock, it is not about super-charging the batteries for impressive performance. A preacher speaks with more impact if they recognise the creative role of preaching — we are creating an environment in which the other word ministries in the church can thrive.

Our understanding of anointed ministry should be rooted in a thoroughly biblical understanding of the work and person of the Holy Spirit.

"Understanding The Anointing" - Pastor Shane Idleman - Westside Christian Fellowship

He has no desire to feed your ego, divide clergy from laity, or promote neo-pagan mysticism. The Spirit is concerned about Christ. He wants your preaching, your character, your ministry, your relationships, and your church to really magnify Jesus. I have often heard statements along the lines that, in the Trinity, the Father is the one who begets, the Son is the one who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit in some some is the love between the Father and the Son.

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Is there any Biblical justification for the last part of that? I believe there is. If you want to see a well developed biblical explanation, Treatise on Grace is the place to go. It is freely available online, only three chapters long, and wonderfully enriching. You will benefit greatly. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.