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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. Description Excerpt from Poems of the Farm: And Other Poems Jest buckle up yer galluses an' show yer native pluck; Pitchin' inter things real spunky's jest another name fer luck. Josh Slotnick.

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He manages the PEAS farm, and teaches students on the farm and in the classroom. Josh has been a partner in the family farm, Clark Fork Organics, since He is also a former Peace Corps volunteer. View the discussion thread.

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He also reads from the book and reads two poems from his new collection, Notes From The Journey Westward. Heavy with ancient memories of grace and the ghosts of a thousand riders, the solitary horse moves slowly down from the canyon of deep winter shadows towards a moon trapped in river ice. Diamonds sift down from a cottonwood onto quivering yellow-white haunches; a cold night for crossing frozen water, a cold night for an old dreaming gypsy horse to step over the moon. He also read a few of his poems. For over 30 years, Gwen Florio covered the news - everything from war in Afghanistan to crime in Missoula - as a print reporter.

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The recent release of her mystery novel, "Montana", marks the debut of her new career as a full-time author. In this feature interview, Florio talks with News Director Sally Mauk about the new novel - and how she came to write a mystery. Light from the sky is precious like sips of hot tea, a luxury, elite. Other Verses Five friendly farmers Wake up with the sun, For it is early morning And the chores must be done. The first friendly farmer Goes to milk the cow. The second friendly farmer Thought he'd better plow.

The third friendly farmer Feeds the hungry hens. The fourth friendly farmer Puts the piggies in their pens. The fifth friendly farmer Picks the ripe corn. And waves to the neighbor When he blows his horn.

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When the work is finished And the evening sky is red Five tired farmers Tumble into bed! Sun is coming up Farmer's out the door, He will go to milk the cows, And start his daily chores. Sun is going down Horse is in the stable, All the fields are planted now, Supper's on the table. Scarecrow standing in the field On a bright and sunny day, Don't forget to do your job. Scare the hungry crows away! Known for its feather and wings and legs, The chicken lays eggs and eggs and eggs! Known for the comb atop its crown, The chicken lays eggs of white and brown. Known for its strut when taking a walk, The chicken lays eggs!

A Residency at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm 2014

Said the first little chicken, With a strange little squirm, "I wish I could find A fat little worm. Said the next little chicken, With an odd little shrug: "I wish I could find A fat little bug. Said a third little chicken, With a small sigh of grief, "I wish I could find A green little leaf! Said the fourth little chicken, With a faint little moan, "I wish I could find A wee gravel stone.

A Residency at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm 2014

The farm is in a flurry. The rooster caught the flu. His cock-a-doodle-doo Has changed to cock-a doodle-choo! How come a cow Never says "Ow! It doesn't say "Ow!

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I have never seen a purple cow I never hope to see one But I can tell you anyhow, I'd rather see, than be one. Duck in the water, quack, quack, quack! Soft, white feathers on your back, back, back!